XP hunt #1 - Speed Growth!

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XP hunt #1 - Speed Growth! Empty XP hunt #1 - Speed Growth!

Post by Krische on Mon Dec 15, 2014 1:33 pm

XP hunt #1 - Speed Growth!

You think that Iops can deal with enemies the fastest of all other classes? Or maybe it's an Eca? Or, perhaps, a Pandawa? Think that one through, very well! Because soon, a XP Hunt Competition will take place!

  • Contest rules:

- Participants will be required to create a new character, with class of their choice, and within time limit of 45 minutes, they must reach as high level as possible.
- Only one character is allowed per person.
- Grouping up with other players is not allowed.
- x2, x3 and x4 XP multipliers are not allowed.
- Hunting can only be done in Incarnam area.
- Taking quests and achievements is forbidden.
- Using items or XP scrolls is forbidden.

  • Rewards:

1st place: 100 x Bontarian Intercity Express Potion, and 100 x Brakmarian Intercity Express Potion
2nd place: 80 x Field Bread
3rd place: 40 x Recall Potion

Date of the hunt will be specified soon.

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