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Post by Krische on Mon Dec 15, 2014 1:06 pm

If you're a new guildee - welcome aboard!
For old hags - I hope you haven't been redirected here Razz

In here, there are listed numerous rules each and every guildee, without exceptions, must follow in order to keep the tranquility, fun of the guild and it's chat at maximum level.

Guild rules

- Spam
Spamming of guild chat is allowed, but in measure (read on; more for the first matter than for the second). A message is considered spam if it has no significant content or if it is posted multiple times.

- English only
This is an English only guild. All public statements should be in English.

- Keep a civil tone
Any instance of flaming/trolling/insulting/patronizing/threatening/harassing/bad-mouthing of any members or the guild is not permitted. If you have criticism to share about anyone/anything with the guild, feel free to do it on public guild chat, but keep a civil tone.

- No advertising
Any posting to get people to visit a website out of context of any ongoing discussion is considered advertising and is not permitted. Also, this may cause drastic measures such as permanent ban and further punishments if it's related in any way to trying to hack an account.

- No preaching/hatred
Any instance of Nazi/racial/ethnic/sexuality/national/religious hatred/preaching should be kept to a minimum, or for sole fun purpose only. Any problematic discussions of this kind will be silenced and the partakers may be punished.

- Multiple accounts and Invites
You may add as much characters from as many of YOUR accounts to the guild as you want, however, please notice the threads in Recruitment forum about this topic.

- Common sense
If you are uncertain if something is against the rules it probably is. You are expected to think on your own and use common sense.

Have you read all the information you need to get started? Good job!
You are now ready to participate in the guild. Good luck, and happy posting!

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