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Post by Krische on Mon Dec 15, 2014 7:36 am

Welcome to the forum that houses the Kiss Guild of Dofus!

Here begins your stay. This forum consists of many moving parts, some more complex than others. With this thread you will be provided with nice to know information and what you should and shouldn't do while here.

These rules apply to all parts of the forum, unless stated otherwise, so before you do anything else, it is important that you read them.

Forum rules

- Double posting
Double posting (consequently posting another post right after your own) is strictly prohibited, but bumping isn't forbidden (read on).

- Bumping
Bumping is posting a double post on a topic in order to refresh the cycle and bring it back to the top of the forum's page, and also remind or notify participating members of it's existence or current matter via notifications. Do not bump a thread unless a minimum of 48 hours have passed since the last message, and only do so if it is important.

- Duplicate threads
Posting threads with the same subject/content as another thread is both meaningless and prohibited. Please take a look around other threads, and then post your own.

- Spam
Spamming is not allowed. A message is considered spam if it has no significant content or if it is posted multiple times.

- English only
This is an English only forum. All public statements must be in English.

- Reviving old threads (Necroposting)
Reviving a thread that hasn't been posted in for the passing of two months is prohibited. Exceptions to this rule could be if you are the threads owner and if the message is of importance to the the owner or viewers of the thread. Updating a guide isn't considered necroposting in any way.

- Proper thread topics
A thread must have a proper topic. Specifying a topic is done in the thread title and the first post. The thread must have one specific topic or area of discussion.

- Going off-topic
The topic of a thread must be followed at all times. If you have something irrelevant to say, better use a different medium or create another thread, or even do it there - but also add something related to the topic itself. Do not participate in discussions just to be there - talk because you want to.

- Posting for others
Posting on behalf of someone else is prohibited.

- Keep a civil tone
Any instance of flaming/trolling/insulting/patronizing/threatening/harassing/bad-mouthing of any members or the forum is not permitted. If you have criticism to share about anyone/anything, keep a civil tone.

- No pornographic/sexual/vulgar/obscene/gory content
This is not that kind of a forum. Any topic should be family friendly.

- No advertising
Any posting to get people to visit a website out of context of any ongoing discussion is considered advertising and is not permitted.

- No preaching/hatred
Any instance of Nazi/racial/ethnic/sexuality/national/religious hatred/preaching should be kept to a minimum. Any problematic discussions of this kind will be closed, recycled, and the partakers may be punished.

- The law
Any discussions about illegal activities/products is prohibited. This includes piracy and drugs.

- Multiple user accounts
You may not create more than one account. If you feel that you have a very good reason to, you should ask before making a new account - it is possible for us to change your e-mail, username and password. If a new account is created to circumvent a disciplinary action, there is no limit to our rage.

- Account lending
You may not lend your account to someone else. Especially not to circumvent a ban.

- Trading (selling / buying)
This is not an auction forum. Don't sell ogrine keys or accounts. However, if you are planning on giving somebody real money for a request, profession work, harvesting or gathering, it is allowed, but do please read the rules in the DIY Area and Marketplace forums.

- Formatted messages
Message colors, bold, italic and size should be used sparingly. Use it to highlight a specific word or sentence, but not the whole post. Moderators of the forum can sanitize the excessive use of word formatting at any time.

- Common sense
If you are uncertain if something is against the rules it probably is. You are expected to think on your own and use common sense.

Have you read all the information you need to get started? Good job!
You are now ready to participate in the forum. Good luck, and happy posting!
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