INT's Community Event #1 - The Evil Forest Race!

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INT's Community Event #1 - The Evil Forest Race! Empty INT's Community Event #1 - The Evil Forest Race!

Post by Krische on Fri Aug 19, 2016 3:56 pm

INT's Community Event #1 - The Evil Forest Race!

There's nothing worse than having a casual stroll around the forest, and seeing a grin in the dark. It could be a chafer, a vampyre master or even worse, your ex! This weekend, you'll have to conquer your fears if you want the sweet, sweet rewards of this race.

The Race will start on [date here], at the entrance of the Maze [-2, 14], where free Karne Nails will be handed out to each participant and registration of the players will be handled. After countdown, players will run through the forest, avoiding terrible monsters that lurk inside. The first three persons to reach the Hell Mina's Clearing are winners! Moderators of the race will be placed at three possible paths to this map, to prevent people cheating. You have to run past one of those and type anything in the chat to register you as valid for receiving the winning prize.

  • Contest rules:

- One character per person only.
- Using Teleportation prisms is forbidden.
- Using Spouse teleportation is also forbidden.
- Using special transformations which make you un-aggroable by monsters is also forbidden.
- Cheaters will be disqualified instantly, and possibly infracted from future contests, depending on severity of the case.

  • Rewards:

1st place: 100 x Recall Potion, 100 x Bontarian Inter-express Potion, 100 x Brakmar Inter-express Potion, 100 x Temple of Scripture Potion, 10 x Perceptor Summoning Potion.
2nd place: 100 x Frosteez Bread (210 hp), 100 x Golden Brioche (570 energy)
3rd place: 10 x Standard >50 characteristic scroll of your choice.

Date of the hunt will be specified soon!

Lucianna casts Living Shovel.
Critical failure!
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