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All you need to know about: Idols Empty All you need to know about: Idols

Post by Krische on Fri Aug 14, 2015 7:04 am

- What are idols?
Idols are special items in Dofus, introduced in recent update, which allow you to gain more XP and PP from combat by modifying it in unique ways. You can equip anywhere from one to six idols. XP gain and PP bonus from idols increases with more wisdom and prospecting you have.

- How do they work?
Some idols offer direct and passive stats modification, such as Minor Dynamo permanently giving all monsters a bonus of +1 MP, which isn't bewitchable in any possible way. Other idols require a different and active approach, such as Minor Yosh increasing the attacked monster's damage whenever it's hit from distance. There are also active idols, such as Proxima, where killing a monster instantly kills all your allies if they are located on cells adjanted to the killed monster, or Muta idol, which makes you lose 50% of HP if you don't end your turn on a cell next to a monster.

Idols go a long way, and they do not differ their bonuses for classes - all classes gain same XP and PP from each, tho every class would pick different idols to suit their playstyle (such as an Enu would pick +damage idols as Enu is great at movement limitation, or Sacrier would go for MP idols, as melee classes would suffer greatly from damage increase).

- Idol Synergy
Idols also have a "synergy system", which means that certain idols, paired with others, give extra bonuses to PP and XP - such as picking one MP idol and one +damage idol would synergyze with each other, meaning there will be a bonus. Some other idols combinations , on contraire, reduce the score, such as picking too many +MP idols.
To see the synergy between certain picked idols, in your idol interface (E), select desired idols and hover your mouse over the infinity (curved number eight) sign. There should be:

Global Synergy: This is the average synergy of all the idols, based on their difficulty.

Positive and Negative synergies:
In here it's listed ALL synergies of all your idols. Not all idols have synergies with others, but most do.
For an example: Minor Behelit synergizes with Minor Dinamo and Minor Payo.

Minor Behelit increases damage of enemies.
Minor Dynamo increases their MP.
Minor Payo attracts you to them every turn.

Kinda logical. You get more idol score and stats just for using behelit, and things that will make that idol deadlier.

Too much of something will usually have negative score, like too many MP idols. But, too much of impossible things will usually have insane score (Such as Muta and Ougaa combo. Muta makes you lose 50% of HP if you end next to enemy, while Ougaa makes you lose 50% if you DON'T end next to enemy. For losing 50% of HP whatever you do, you'll be awarded with insane 1.7x multiplier for both idols).

- Score
Each idol gives a set amount of score, increased or decreased by synergies. Score serves for no purpose, other than completing dungeons with achievements for it.

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