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All you need to know about: XP Empty All you need to know about: XP

Post by Krische on Thu Jul 23, 2015 8:08 pm

A lot of new guys asked me this so I figured I could post it as a thread.
Basically, this is an introduction to all principles on how XP works.

- XP from Fights:
Each monster has a fixed amount of XP it gives, however, to gain the maximum XP from a fight, the character(s) must do the fight in "balanced" mode. To make a fight balanced, your group's total level must be as close possible to the level of attacked monsters.
If monster's total level is not lower than 5 levels of your groups, or higher than 10, you get 100% of XP, which is maximum. If your level is within 50 of the monsters, you still get around 75%. Monsters with stars over their head give a percentage bonus to XP and drop rates, one star gives 20% more XP (5 yellow stars give 200% XP total then, and red stars give 300% total XP then). If your team is composed of characters of similar levels (with the gap counting players only who are ABOVE 1/3 level of the highest level character in the group), the XP gain is multiplied by following table:

1 char 1 x XP
2 chars 1.1 x XP
3 chars 1.5 x XP
4 chars 2.3 x XP
5 chars 3.1 x XP
6 chars 3.6 x XP
7 chars 4.2 x XP
8 chars 4.7 x XP

So a balanced team of 8 chars with similar level, encountering a mob with 10 stars (5 red), who's level will be the same as the fighters, will in the end yield a battle with 470% + 300% = 770% XP. Not including idols and challenges. Impressive, eh?

- Wisdom
Wisdom, apart from increasing your dodge chance to AP and MP removal, and chances to deduct those from your targets, also affects how much XP you gain. Each point in wisdom increases the amount of XP you get by 1%, and each 10 points increase your AP/MP Loss Resist/Reduction by 1 point.

- Levels 199 and 200
To get to level 200, one must accumulate a total of 6.949.212.000, or in short, 7 billion XP points. It's not as much as it seems, tho, as equally half of that is what you need to get for level 200 only. In other words, to get from level 1 to 199, you need only half of that amount, and to get from 199 to 200, you need to accumulate XP equivalent to all XP you got from 1 to 199, which is the other half.
Getting from 199 to 200 is often refereed to in percentage, as in 3.470.000 (3.47 mxp) will get you 1% of your XP to 200.

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