Recruitment - how to become a Moonchant?

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Recruitment - how to become a Moonchant? Empty Recruitment - how to become a Moonchant?

Post by Krische on Tue Jul 07, 2015 12:36 am

Even though Moonchants is solely a virtual guild, we're more than a virtual world. We are, before anything else, friends from all around the world, with different goals in life, different opinions on most different topics, and above everything else, different personalities. This combined all together, may seem like a complete chaos - but - we've established rules to follow, and of course, there's the point in using that common sense you have, hm?

In order to apply for membership to be in our guild, you need to send a message to one of our members. He or she will decide are you fitting for the guild from the first glance, send you up an invite, and you'll be put on a one week "On Trial" membership - you won't be having any rights other than talking in alliance channel during that period. After spending a week with us, if you decide to stay, your rank will be adjusted, and you will be considered one of us.

Please note that we require you to understand and oblige to the following:
- Before anything else, take a glimpse around the forum. Fact is, if you don't like what you see, you'll probably won't like us either.
- We, unlike some more harsher guilds, do not require all your alternate accounts and characters to be in this guild. You can add as much of your alts as you want (recruitment rules still apply), and remove them whenever you want, and also join other guilds with alternate characters or alternate accounts for your own purposes you do not need to explain to us.
- We allow only 1 perceptor per player (not per character or per account), and that is also in rotatable cycle between all players who need our perceptors - when your perc is collected; the next person on the list will get the perceptor slot.
- We do not require you to share anything of your Dofus immovable properties, but you may do so, if you want (houses and other)
- When you're not in the mood so you run about and get blade to blade with half the Solar, do keep one thing on your mind - you have our flag above your character's name. If you behave like a complete idiot, you make us all look like complete idiots.

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