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Post by Krische on Thu Feb 19, 2015 1:37 am

You all know a few. Here's a list of well known, and those less known shortcuts and tricks you may haven't knew. As I said once, if you play Dofus, you learn for life Smile

Add your useful tips and tricks here.

1. Shift + 2 turns transparency mode on/off - making characters pop up in front of scenery. Incredibly useful for aggro maps.
2. There's a spoon and a fork item in bank and inventories, bottom left corner, which when clicked, provides all possible recipes that you could make from current items. You can even select a profession to list recipes for.
3. Challenges that require you to not end/or to end next to an ally/enemy (Impertinence, Hermit, Tight ...), are not failed if you kill the last enemy before your turn ends.
4. Typing %pos% in chat will instead char your current map coordinates (POS as in position), and typing %xp% will instead type out your current percentage of XP for the next level.
5. Typing a message between tho 'stars' (*) will make the message in italic font. Only works on general channel.
6. Holding left shift, and then hitting enter will send the message to group channel, holding left alt + enter will send to guild channel, and holding TAB + enter will send to alliance channel.
7. Double click on a recipe in the left list, while in a profession crafting workbench, will instantly put all ingredients needed in the crafting slots.
8. Skinny pets with negative meals can be reverted back to normal, without having to wait "Feeding time x skinny state count", which is usually a LOT. Instead, revert them by feeding them up with what they eat until they return to normal state (usually takes up a little less than their current negative value). Proceed with feeding when back to normal when the next feeding time is.

9. Share yours Smile

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