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All you need to know about: Alliances Empty All you need to know about: Alliances

Post by Krische on Fri Feb 13, 2015 8:15 pm

This guide will explain to you what are alliances, conquests, nuggets and how the whole system works. It is designed primarily for new players, and old players that have been inactive for a while, but recently returned to the game.

Introduction and Benefits:
Basically, alliances are groups of different guilds, that got together for one or another reason. All alliances have a guild leader, which is the person who created that alliance, and who has the powers to invite new guilds, or ban old ones.
Alliances bring several benefits: the most used of them being the new /a channel, which works like guild chat, but it displays messages to all members of guilds in the alliance.
The other most used benefit is the perceptor protection - when a perceptor is attacked, all members of the alliance of that guild can join the fight from any map to defend it.
Alliance leader can also place expensive Teleportation Modules on a prism, which allow you to teleport to it from any zaap at a small fee: an extremely useful tool for hard to reach places or dungeon entrances.
Last but not least, areas controlled by an alliance bring 25% XP and 25% PP bonus to all members of that alliance on that areas.

Alliances fight over territories, all the time. An alliance can place prisms (much like Bonta-Brak conquests) over an area to control it. Only one prism can be set in entire area. In order to place a prism upon an area, you must eliminate any old prisms first (which is, in other words, to attack the prism with your team of 5 and defeat it against team of 5 (all members of defending alliance can join, but only the ones on exactly prism map who are attacking can join)). After defeating a prism, you can see at which time it will become weakened, which is conquerable. All prism have auto-weakened system, and will always become vulnerable at given time of the day, every few days.
Weakened prisms will in 24 to 48 hours, become vulnerable, and that's when the KotH starts.

During the time a prism is vulnerable, all alliances can try to conquer the prism. For a player to participate in KotH, he/she must activate AvA (Alliance VS Alliance) mode on, accessible from alliance tab (shortcut: A). AvA can not be activated in any area that is vulnerable, and while it's on, you can not use zaaps to teleport to vulnerable areas (Quick tip: disable AvA, zaap to vulnerable area, run to first other nearby area, enable AvA, run back in to vulnerable area). AvA mode requires at least level 50, and you can not activate multiple AvA on multiple characters from the same IP adress. AvA mode allows your character to be and to do aggro towards other alliances' members in vulnerable areas.

King of the Hill (KotH):
The last phase of battle. When the prism is vulnerable, and your alliance wants to conquer it, the goal is simple: the first alliance that outnumbers all other alliances in that area, is marked as the King of the Hill, and must maintain that status for 30 minutes.
Every AvA character present anywhere in the area will bring points to his/her alliance, based on it's level. If 3 level 200 characters from your alliance are present in the area, your alliance will have 600 points.
Every minute, the alliance who has the highest score will get 1 conquer point. The first alliance to accumulate 30 conquer points wins the area. If an alliance is trying to defend their area, the system is same, they must outnumber enemies and keep the highest score for 30 seconds in order to repair the prism and revert it back to normal state.
During KotH, players can attack other alliance's players. Once defeated, a player will become a tombstone and can no longer give score to his or her alliance for that KotH, unless revived by a Healer (more about roles later).
KotH Score also increases if characters aren't on the same map - but spreading out too much makes them an easy pray for wandering hunters.
Characters currently in a fight do not count for score, meaning you can use disables, wait full turns and anything nasty to delay the most powerful enemies while your alliance conquers the area.

A new currency for alliance fights - Nuggs. Every prism generates an amount of nuggs by this formula:
Average level of monsters in area X 1 //Per hour
Once a KotH is won, all the Nuggets on a prism are spread out to all monsters in the area. If an alliance defended the prism, half of nuggets will be spread out. Only the winning alliance can harvest nuggets by fighting monsters with green gems over their heads. Nuggets do not weight, and can be exchanged for powerful petsmounts at the Alliance Temple, or emote scrolls, or used in craft of Bonta/Brak potions.

Alliance Temple:
Can be reached from Sufokia Zaap at (13,26), then go right to (16,26), and go down to (16,29), and take the Boat at (14,36).
Once reached, there's a Zaap there you should save.

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