Gay marriage and children adoption

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Gay marriage and children adoption Empty Gay marriage and children adoption

Post by Krische on Thu Jan 08, 2015 12:03 pm

Talked with a gay friend of mine today, and was curios to see your opinion on this topic.

I do not agree with it in all it's entirety, and that's not because I am homophobic in any way or because I have arguments against it, but there's just this fact that gay people should have the right to do whatever they want, without their actions or attempts of having a "normal life" would being influenced in any way by other (straight) people or, worse, their judgement (note: I may get quite a few quotes on this, but think about it this way before you do: when two men or two women get married, will it actually influence you in any way?)

I regret the wide-span of internet today giving kids within age span of 12-16 a lot of material for hatred, but nobody tries to actually google or wikia it out and understand it. I do support my gay friends entirely (up to the point where I have been on a gay pride parade once, and it was still the best night out for me so far (if someone knows how to party, it's gay people)), but I don't support opinion of above mentioned kids believing they can teach others about morale, what it is and what it isn't, by simply by being hateful. Without a proper reason, if I may add.

You're basically repeating the prejudices of your environment and this makes you what, more moral than the parties you've been judging? Not happening.

For children adoption, I am a strong believer that gay couples are equally good parents as straight couples. Also, risking to be understood completely wrong here but what the hell, a child in a gay family is better than a child on the streets left on it's own.

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